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KC15 Web Design

No Matter What Your Niche I can Build
A New Site For You In Record Time

WordPress $350

Online Stores $425

HTML Designs $270

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Sites For People On A Budget

I can perform high quality designs for less than others mainly as I do all the work and do not outsource.

Most large design companies use designers in other countries, meaning your support is not immediate and can take days to get a reply – not with a local.

21st Century Designs

Only the very latest technology is used to create all sites, from the 0 September 2017 the new and improved design technologies have come into production (finally).

No Hidden Prices

What others consider “extras” KC15 considers essentials, sucj as professional contact form(s), Hi Res images with animation, SEO optimization, contact pages with fully interactive google maps and professional contact forms. The list goes on

Tons of Features

Every website made by KC15 is 100% responsive, meaning it will look good in PC, Tablet and Phone formats. 80% of all searches are now performed by mobile devices. Stay ahead of your competition.

Lowest Prices

The lowest prices you will find online – do not let the prices fool you !! The work performed by KC15 is above industry standard and contains all the bells and whistles. Best of all it is mainly a WordPress design which is easy to use.

Contact Me Before The Clock Runs Out For Mates Rates

All KC15 Designs Come With The Following As Standard

Homepage Slider

All designs come with full screen image sliders on the home page, by default I create 3 slides but you can have as many as you want.

Options Galore

After recognizing your needs I can install many options including image galleries, forums, FAQ’s and many more.

Adaptive Technology

All of my designs are responsive, meaning they will look great on PC, MAC, Tablet and Phone’s. Sites that do not do this look cheap.

  • Keith was so accommodating and professional, every time I wanted it changed it was done in the hour. Brilliant communication and very easy to talk to, a rare breed these days. He even transferred my HTML to a WordPress at no charge !!

    Elizabeth P. Celebrant
  • WOW, a full online store with every type of extra functionality for only $500. Keith knows exactly what he is doing and I have no hesitation in referring his services on to all my associates.

    Alan H. Wharehouse Owner
  • Keith produced an absolutely wonderful website fro mu business, best of all he made it easy to use. Took me no time to pick it all up and I am the first to confess I am computer illiterate. Appreciate all your help Keith.

    Sheridan H. Small Business Owner


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