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Stunning Websites
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The web is NOT and has NEVER been for the wealthy alone!!!
I build websites at pretty much cost price for those who do not have the resources to finance the 'big guys' in web design.
  • HTML Web Design By KC15

    HTML Design

    HTML is beautiful looking and perfect for a static site (static means not changing much). Take this site for example, it is written and coded in HTML.
    Any Niche Covered

    There is nothing a HTML design cannot cover, from Archery to Zoo's it is all possible.

    One On One Support

    I offer full support with all HTML websites, if you need something changed or added, just ask me.

  • Offers by KC15

    Word Press Design

    Word Press can be beautiful and functional, with forums, galleries and many more functions available most small business' choose Wordpress as a website..
    Latest Design Technology

    I always use the latest technology when designing with Word Press, it changes often.

    Highly Functionable

    Word Press can have many functions, the best way to know is by asking me you questions.

  • Budget designs with high end results

    eCommerce Design

    Online stores can be quite expensive, often well over $1000. Not at KC15 Web Design, a top quality store could costs as little as $600.
    Latest Store Technology

    I always use the latest technology when designing online stores, it changes veery often.

    Turn Your Idea Into Cash

    Starting an online store can be hard or easy depending on your designer, shop around.

Why Choose KC15?

Why choose KC15?
Sites For People On A Budget

I can perform high quality designs for less than others mainly as I do all the work and do not outsource. Most large design companies use designers in other countries, meaning your support is not immediate and can take days to get a reply - not with a local.

KC15 Website Design Features

All my designs come with the following features as standard.

Not sure yet and want to check?

If you have any questions at all do not hesitate to contact me, I can be reached by phone/SMS or via my contact form. Contact Me Now

Homepage Slider

All designs come with full screen image sliders on the home page, by default I create 3 slides but you can have as many as you want.

Options Galore

After recognizing your needs I can install many options including image galleries, forums, FAQ's and many more.

Adaptive Technology

All of my designs are responsive, meaning they will look great on PC, MAC, Tablet and Phone's. Sites that do not do this look cheap.

A Sample Of My Work

Here is a glimpse at some of my previous work.
  • Scandleous Scents By KC15

    Scandleous Scents Australia

    Full online store for Soy Wax Candles. Took 5 days to build and cost less then $560.

    Online Store Design Visit The Site →

  • Bonnys Florist By KC15

    Bonny's Florist Boronia

    Full online store with all the trimmings. Took 6 days to complete and cost less than $600.

    Online Store Visit The Site →

  • Mat Love's Drums By KC15

    Mat Love's Drums Co.

    Full Ecommerce online store, made with Woocommerce in just 4 days for only $550.

    Online Store Visit The Site →

  • Respiratory Solutions Australia By KC15

    Respiratory Solutions Australia

    Full Ecommerce online store, made with Woocommerce in just 4 days for only $550.

    Online Store Visit The Site →

  • Cool As Cooling & Heating By KC15

    Cool As Cooling & Heating

    HTML Bootstrap responsive 3 page design, made in just 48hrs and at a cost of only $250.

    HTML Site Visit The Site →

  • Mother Moon Crystal Jewellery By KC15

    Mother Moon Crystal Jewellery

    WooCommerce site run by WordPress, fully responsive design, completed in 5 days for $600.

    Online Store Visit The Site →

  • erpetual Expressions By KC15

    Perpetual Expressions

    Created in Word Press, fully responsive with image gallery. This site took less than a week and cost less than $450.

    Word Press Design Visit The Site →

  • Rainbow Butterflies By KC15

    Rainbow Butterflies

    eCommerce built with Word Press, fully responsive with all online store functions. Site took 8 days to complete and cost less than $650.

    eCommerce Design Visit The Site →

  • The Purple Dragnfly By KC15

    The Purple Dragonfly

    Woo Commerce design built using Word Press, fully responsive with full store functions. Cost less than $650.

    Woo Commerce Visit The Site →

  • Learn To Shine By KC15

    Learn To Shine Australia

    Word Press site with members area, blog and image slider. Took 6 days to complete and cost less than $450.

    Word Press Design Visit The Site →

  • Standard Cars By KC15

    Standard Car Club Victoria

    Wordpress design with members gallery, forums and more. Took 4 days to build and cost less then $450.

    Word Press Design Visit The Site →

  • Indy Finance By KC15

    Indy Finance And Car Loans

    Wordpress design relating to finance. Took 5 days to build and cost less then $450.

    Word Press Design Visit The Site →

Clients & Testimonials

These are REAL testimonials - no fake one's here.
  • KC15 SEO SMO Services
  • KC15 SEO SMO Services
  • KC15 Small Business Web Design Services
  • KC15 SEO SMO Services
  • KC15 Wordpress Services
  • KC15 SEO SMO Services
  • KC15 Ecommerce Services
  • KC15 SEO SMO Services
  • KC15 SEO SMO Services
  • KC15 Web Design Services
  • Thanks Keith it's awesome. Xx.
    S.H. - Owner
    Rainbow Butterflies
  • The club has finally got a website to show off to our members, great guy who gets things done very quickly. He updates the site for us regularly and is always available for help.
  • We were quoted $600 for a basic website to direct our customers to our eBay store, spoke to Keith and he had it done for me in less than 48hrs and for less than $300. BRILLIANT.
  • So happy, thank you :) I am excited about now FINALLY having my own website, couldn't afford it elsewhere. It's just what I wanted.
  • I contacted Keith after seeing his advertisement in a local publication. I have to honestly say that I was very impressed with the quality and design of my website together with the speed and also, more importantly, the cost of providing my website. Keith responded quickly to any changes that I required including changing from an HTML site to a Wordpress site. Nothing was too much for Keith to implement. Would recommend him if you have a restricted budget and want value for money.
    Elisabeth - Owner
    Perpetual Expressions
  • Keith was recommended to me to create a website for my new business. As a complete novice in the ways of the web I was unsure of my needs and how to construct an effective site. Keith has done a remarkable job with efficiently and patience. His obvious knowledge and skill has made it an enjoyable learning experience which was cost effective too. We continue to work together to perfect the site as my business changes and grows. I cannot thank him enough!
    Jane - Owner
    The Purple Dragonfly
  • I have only recently called on Keith to help transform my business to an online store and I'm delighted with the final product. Keith has been professional as well as informative and delivered the site in a speedy time frame. Thank you Keith, for bringing my business to life with an online store that is inviting and easy to maintain.
  • Hi I'm gavin from cool as refrigeration KC15 designed my web page and it has made a huge difference to my business having a web page people can look up that looks professional and describes my business in a way my customers can understand thanks heaps guys would highly recommend you.
    Gavin - Owner CoolAs
    CoolAs Air Con
  • Keith has recently completed my new website www.lovesdrumco.com.au and I could not be happier with his talents and skills. An unbelievable effort, the site was up and running in four days. I was so impressed with Keith's work that i got him to also create my drum badge logo, drum serial number sticker and business cards, all completed in the four day period. Keith made himself available at all hours to help walk me through the site and update new products on the fly and was around my place on a Sunday morning, now that's commitment!! Kieth also made me an email signature as a freebie, good luck getting any other company to do that. All in all, I highly recommend Keith at kc15 and have been amazed with his generosity and professionalism. Thanks heaps again Keith, Cheers Mat.
    M.Love - Owner Love's Drum
    Love's Drum Co.
  • Keith did a fantastic job with our website and is very patient, helpful and fun to work with. Highly recommend. Thanks again Keith
    Lauren - Owner Bonny's Florist
    Bonny's Florist Boronia

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  • Want your site visible on ALL devices?

    This capability is now industry standard and EVERY design by KC15 is now responsive at no extra cost, some companies will charge you more for responsive websites. As the responsive part an be coded at the same time as the actual website I do not see why it needs to cost more.
    Any Design Covered

    Personal websites, small business websites, blogs, membership websites, web directories, premium facebook and eBay sites it is all possible.

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