Frequently Asked Questions

Please read these common answers.

This list of FAQ’s will continue to grow as we are asked some more common questions by our visitors, if you feel a certain FAQ is missing please let us know.

Who is Lilydale Web Design?

Formerly known as KC15 Website Design, and now under license with CorkenAU we are a small fammily business solely owned and run in Victoria Australia. Owned by K.Corken ABN 123456789.

How Are Designs Paid For?

We accept Paypal, EFT or cheque payments. Every job generates it’s own invoice which is firstly checked by us before being sent to your email address.

How Long Does The Average Build Take?

It varies but in general you can expect a WordPress in 4-5 days, an online store in 6-7 days and a full scale community hub in 7-10 days. Variations will be discussed before beginning any job.

Why Are Your Prices So Cheap?

All work is completed in house, we do not outsource. As a small business we may only take on 2-3 jobs at any one time, we will not slip in style to ensure a deadline.

When Are Your Contact Times?

As a web design company our hours are dynamic, we have no set time to be sitting at the desk. It is all about time management, we take on several jobs at once. Obviously we must prioritize, so far the system works lol….
But seriously the best time to call is between 11am and 5pm – if no one answers send a SMS and someone will call you back asap. Email/Contact Forms work 24/7, all emails are treated in confidence and your details will never be shared or sold.

Can I Purchase Direct?

No, due to the many variables on offer it is just easier for us to quote you, that way you are under no obligation unless you want to continue when a deposit may be required.

Can I Purchase Online?

Not currently, to get a quote just get in touch with us via our contact form or if during business hours call us, if nobody answers please send an SMS and someone will call you back asap.

What Do You Need To Get Started?

We need all of the content (images/text) that you specifically want on the website in a DOC format, please ensure your images are hi-res (1920 x 1080) minimum please.

Is Any Deposit Required?

For all new clients a deposit amount equal to one third of the complete design cost is required to secure all material needed to complete the job, it will all be discussed and on the invoice. This is not needed for repeat clients.