The Evolution Of KC15

Over 31 years ago as a youngster (age 11) I used my first real computer, the legendary Commodore 64 and within weeks was programming very basic commands, I was hooked. In high school I programmed basic 32 kilobyte BBC computers and used to get into trouble for creating programs that took over other students and teachers computers while they were using them, oh the good old days, such fun.

After high school I completed several TAFE courses on HTML (machine code to the rest of us) and web design, I continued to teach myself all the new programs and kept up to date with technology over the next decade and decided to create websites for fun. My sites were seen by Yellow Pages in Canada and I was asked to do some work for them, it all kind of took off from there. I now create websites for people who are on a budget as I believe the internet should be affordable for all, I do not accept work from large companies. Its about people not money.

Basic Website’s

For around $300 you can have your very own website, 5-7 pages are included and the site can be either flash or HTML. Perfect for personal blog’s.

Website Design

The core of this business, creating website’s cheaply for both personal and business reasons. KC15’s can offer quality service on a budget.

Face book Pages

Face book pages open up a whole new world for you or your business, mini sites can be made to suit your existing business and can be integrated very quickly.

Banner/Image Design

KC15 can make banners of any size to meet google and other search engine regulations in image formats such as .jpg, .gif, .png and .psd.

Business Cards

KC15 can design a full color business card from scratch or update your existing card using the most modern software techniques.

Small Business Website’s

Starting a new home based business? Or do you have an existing one and want a professional web appearance. Contact KC15 today.

Search Engines

KC15 can get your new site indexed with google quickly, a normal google site submission can take several weeks but there are ways around this, we can get your site indexed by google in sometimes less than 48 hours. If your not in them you are invisible.

Domain & Hosting

Domains are not really expensive, around $25 a year to own, its the hosting that can cost you big time, sure there are cheap options available, (ever wonder why there so cheap?) but we can set you up with a quality host that is very affordable.


Whether it be Google, Yahoo, Bing or many more search engines KC15 can get you not only listed but receiving directed advertising at a price less than todays Yellow & White pages. Over 70% of searching is now done online – do not miss out.