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Still the most popular OS although losing ground now as tablet and smart phone usage increases, your design will work on all browsers and monitors.

HTML is the easiest way (for me) to design a website, it is still very common design technique which allows for virtually limitless results. It is however slowly being taken over by CMS programs like WordPress. The real advantage of HTML is any type of occupation or organization can be covered from A-Z, all I need to know is what exactly you do. From there I can create a website to match any needs and using your provided images and text personalize it to suit you, and at a very competitive price. And HTML is usually the fastest way to build a new site, main drawback being that unless you know what your doing adding to it is quite hard and for this main reason I lean towards WordPress for customers with little or no HTML experience.

Tablets are able to view most sites now just as a PC would, a few minor differences will take place like resizing of images and removal of background etc.

WordPress is a very powerful website creation program, even a novice can use it to great effect. I does however take a knowledgeable designer to create a layout that is not the standard layout supplied. Designs can vary greatly depending on what you really need so its best to talk to me website design affordable first, I can tell you what options and functionality you need in your new website. Designing with WordPress is fairly quick, I can have most sites up and running in just days (providing I have been given the content). Why wait weeks like most large companies take when I can have it done to your specifications within a few days, if your not happy with something all you need to do is contact me and I will fix it – much easier than communicating with a large company.

All sites designed by me are fully phone compatible and the only difference you will notice is change of layout to make it easier to read, pictures also resize.

Have something to sell and are totally sick of eBay fees? There is a better option, have your very own online store which looks exactly the way you want. It costs nothing to add items for sale and you have full access to the admin section which provides you with in depth reports on all sales etc. Most people think an online store is way to expensive to operate, in fact it will surprise you just how affordable it is. Just think of all those listing fees on eBay you have spent, now instead of paying eBay this money wouldn’t it be much better to use it to advertise your very own store. I can create a store to sell pretty much anything in just days, not weeks like other design companies – and even better if you check around I will be much less expensive.

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